Urban Strategies for Managing the Coronavirus Crisis

  • Mohammad Alaa Aljaffan قسم التخطيط والبيئة، كلية الهندسة المعمارية، جامعة دمشق
Keywords: Local Administrations, COVID-19, Spatial Distancing, Work Structure, Remote Work, Local Public Services, Electronic Services, Local Awareness, Vulnerable Social Groups, Mobility Structure, Open Markets, Economic Recovery


The management of the spread of the Coronavirus crisis is one of the main challenges in the world today, and of increasing importance due to the widespread spread of the epidemic and its negative repercussions on local communities around the world, which put local administrations on the front lines to address the pandemic and take the lead in mitigating its effects. The article attempts to develop a theoretical and applied model to manage the crisis of the outbreak of the Coronavirus in urban areas by monitoring and analyzing the forms of local administrations' response to the pandemic and mitigating its negative repercussions on local communities and the health of the population. The article is also considered a scientific contribution learned from global experiences in pandemic management by formulating a scientific methodology in the form of urban strategies and clarifying their direct objectives, stages of work, and their application methods at the urban level to serve as a base on which local administrations rely in their work to reach the recovery stage.


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