The Nature Of The Architectural Surfaces And The Structural Relationships In Order To Build Stability And Formal Balance

  • Anwar Shareef architecture engineering
Keywords: Architectural surfaces; structural relationships; formal configuration; stability and balance


The architectural surface represents one of the main pillars of formal configuration that work with each other to give the building external appearance and its formal properties. In general, the most important challenges facing the study of architecture is the analysis of The Structural Relationships under which the formal formation and formulas for generating its patterns within the different architectural directions to benefit from her in the process of architectural education. This research paper represented a step in the way of analyzing and establishing an information base for architectural propositions that dealt with surfaces according to Structural Relationships with multiple linking, modulating mechanisms, and applying that to selected models for outstanding architectural works throughout architectural history, Then these mechanisms were crystallized and explained precisely and in detailed drawings using the AutoCAD program, reaching the characteristics of the formal configuration at the level of balance and stability resulting from the nature of these architectural surfaces and the relationships according to which. The research methodology is based on building  comprehensive theoretical framework on the form, architectural surfaces and structural relationships, as this is considered a necessity to explore the mechanisms by which the designer works within the Modernity and Deconstruction architecture


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