Low-income housing provision: between governmental interventions and informal settlements

The case study of Greater Cairo Region

Keywords: Affordable housing, Governmental housing initiatives, Developing countries, Urban-poor, Informal settlements, Greater Cairo Region


Low-cost housing, so-called affordable housing, is an important subject as it affects many aspects of people's well-being and city planning. The urban poor, who form a respectable percentage of cities' residents in many developing countries, are the most affected segment by the availability and affordability of housing. Governments often try their best to provide affordable housing through housing interventions and programs. However, many low-income people end up in informal settlements including slums and squatter settlements.

This research analyzes state-led low-cost housing initiatives compared to informal affordable housing in developing countries. The importance of this research is mainly associated with understanding how governmental housing initiatives and laws affect the housing preferences of the urban poor.

The research starts by providing a brief background about the subject and its importance from the literature. The research uses mixed methods approach and a case study of Greater Cairo Region following the massive migration during the period between the 1980s and the 2000s to provide an in-depth understanding of the situation. The research then analyzes/discusses some housing initiatives, and uses both quantitative/qualitative data in order to explain potential malpractice and issues. Finally, the research will highlight the key findings and provide some recommendations for change/improvement.


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Author Biography

Hussaen Ali Hasan Kahachi, University of Technology

I am a very active and enthusiastic university lecturer and researcher with +7 years of experience in university level teaching, and chartered Architect/Planner/Manager with +10 years of experience. Interested in Sustainable Design Strategies, Housing Affordability & Informality, New Building Technologies/Systems, Urban Planning and Project Management.

I have a BSc in Architectural Engineering from Iraq, two post-graduate degrees from the UK (Project Management and Urban Planning), +50 certifications and +25 awards/appreciation letters from prestigious universities and organization. Finally, I have participated in +75 seminars, conferences, and webinars, and courses worldwide.


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