Physical Revitalization of the Historical Paths: An Analytical Study for Urban Connectivity property and Mechanisms of Physical Revitalization

An Analytical Study for Urban Connectivity property and Mechanisms of Physical Revitalization

  • Rawan Adel Khalaf Department of Architectural Engineering, University of Technology
  • Sana Sati Abbas University of Technology
Keywords: Historical paths, Physical revitalization, Mechanisms of physical revitalization ,Urban Connectivity.





The historical paths  suffer from neglect for a long time as a result of inappropriate interventions and the loss of public spaces, which led to their deterioration and the loss of their urban value, The research problem was "The cognitive  need to clarify the physical revitalization as a type of sustainable revitalization patterns and the possibility of its  application to avoid urban neglect of historical paths" . Therefore, the aim of the research is to built a theoretical framework on urban connectivity property and relationship with mechanisms the physical revitalization .The research hypothesis is that "The mechanisms of physical revitalization have a role in strengthen the structural and spatial connectivity of historical paths". The research adopted the descriptive analytical method in describing and analyzing an elected local sample (Suq-Al- Safafer paths). The research found that Structural and spatial connectivity contributes to the treatment of the urban of historical paths, strengthened by the mechanisms of physical revitalization (conservation, rehabilitation, removal and reconstruction) . The research confirmed that physical revitalization if invested in a correct and sustainable way can lead to the activation of those paths.



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