The Smart Systems' Role In the Infrastructure's Integrated Management For Housing Projects


  • Marwa Mohmmed Alzidi University of Technology, Baghdad
  • Safaa Aldeen Hussein Al-Samarae University of Technology
Keywords: smart infrastructure, smart housing projects, smart systems, integrated management


Many contemporary economic and social drivers have enabled the introduction of sensor network technologies, computing and communication systems in urban infrastructure and contemporary housing projects with the aim of achieving integration between infrastructure management. As a result, the current study deals with a topic that has not been dealt with through previous studies, theses and theses in an accurate and required manner. Therefore, the aim of the research was to clarify the role of smart systems in achieving integrated management by building a comprehensive theoretical framework to be a research problem (the need for a comprehensive theoretical framework on the role of smart systems in achieving integrated management of infrastructure infrastructure related to housing projects). This goal is achieved by adopting a descriptive analytical approach that includes several stages, the first of which is the analysis of multiple studies and the extraction of the main vocabulary represented in (the basic elements of infrastructure intelligence, planning, design, monitoring and observation of Smart infrastructure). Second, applying these vocabulary to a number of global projects, then discussing the results of the practical study, and presented final conclusions , to be a knowledge base that can be used and applied to future projects.


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