The Role of Third Place in Revitalizing the Interior Spaces of the Academic Libraries through the Concept of Identity

  • Israa Al Jailawi Architect
  • Shamael M.W Al dabbagh
Keywords: Identity, Third Place, Academic Libraries, Renovating


With the rapid prevailing of electronic information resources and services, the traditional academic libraries are being declined and gradually deserted. Recent studies highlighted this issue as one of the challenges of the digital era. Responding to this issue, this paper introduces the idea of revitalizing academic libraries through the concept of "Third place" based on the possibility of providing traditional libraries with new interior spaces wherein students, scholars, and faculty can learn and socialize as well as cooperate, without stress. Based on the literature reviewed, there are several factors through which it is possible to enhance the interior spaces to attract more users to traditional academic libraries and make them more vital. This paper discusses the possibility of revitalizing traditional libraries by activating the role of the "Third Place" identity in their interior design. To activate the concept of "Third Place" in local academic libraries that lack such active spaces, this work focuses, in particular, on the academic library of the University of Technology as a major case study, three student proposals are included in this paper. Indeed,


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