Design Requirement for Contextual Integration for Trainstations

Iraqi stations as a model

  • Ammar Kareem Dhumad Alfatlawi
  • Abdullah Saadoon Salman Almaamouri University of Technology
Keywords: Integrated Transport System, Integrated railway stations contextually


The buildings of the railway stations are one of the important buildings that distinguish the cities and give them their identity and their special character through their association with the memory of the society that contains them. The importance of these centers as commercial and cultural centers, as well as their main function in transporting passengers and goods, To the atrophy of its effectiveness, so it must be protected and developed to contribute effectively in the performance of its diverse activities in an integrated manner and to serve the community at various levels and encourage the use of public transport. Therefore, many studies dealing with the concept of contextual integration of train stations have been discussed in an implicit or major manner. However, these studies were characterized by selectivity and lack of comprehensiveness in the treatments, especially with respect to the aspects of the contextual integration of the station in terms of design. Thus, the research problem was identified "the need to create a comprehensive theoretical view of the concept of contextual integration in the design of attractive local train stations " was identified. The aim of the research is to "crystallize a comprehensive theoretical conception of the aspects of contextual integration in the design of attractive local train stations".


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