Role of Technology Utilization Reviving Al-Ukhaidir

  • Mahdi Saleh AL-Ataabi تدريسي في الجامعة التكنلوجيه قسم هندسة العمارة
  • Karrer Nadhim AL-Shahmanie طالب دراسات عليا/ماجستير
Keywords: Al-Ukhaidir, fortress, reuse, historical buildings, symbolic value, technologies


The monuments are considered as evidence, landmarks and important memory for events that associated with characteristics. It also represents a civilized, cultural and economic wealth accumulated through ages. Heritage has two main aspects; physical and moral. Recently, considerable efforts have been devoted to conserve many heritage buildings that have historic values so as to restore them. This restoration can reinforce the links between those ancient buildings and their environment.

There is a lack of enough knowledge about the concept of the utilization of new technological advancements and its impact on the reuse of historical buildings with symbolic value. To address this issue, this research presents a detailed investigation about the relationship between the two concepts in order to arrive to the best strategies for reviving. Such strategies will be applied on Al-Ukhaidir fortress. This was achieved by analyzing and evaluating previous studies where the reviving strategies were applied.  This research will present a brief review for theses studies and the main derived conclusions as well as special recommendations for activation of the Al-Ukhaidir through selected techniques (strategies).


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Author Biography

Mahdi Saleh AL-Ataabi, تدريسي في الجامعة التكنلوجيه قسم هندسة العمارة

م.د مهدي صالح فرج العتابي


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