Comparative features in Islamic architecture

  • Kabila Fares al-Maliki
Keywords: Islamic architecture


Most of the recent architectural studies direct?d towered the necessity of using

the architectural characterization of the cultural inherited of the Islamic Architecture

in the futurist designs, in away that unified the contemporary architecture with the

historical roots.The contemporary architecture environment of the types and styles various in functions , forms and goals pushing on limitation of copying these types of traditional architectural elements , but trying to study and realize the cognitional meanings and using architectural solutions that had specific characterizations which connected with the theoretical believes which came from the cultural environment of the Islamic community in the contemporary designs. For that need ,for the designers

to use the character of the Islamic Architecture in the contemporary designs depending on architectural studies searching in these meanings which must be objectively and comprehensively for (architectural studies and researches) and (practical topics in the contemporary architecture). Monumentality is one of these meanings, which is related to the cultural environment that needs an objectively comprehensive study.


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