Building the measure of the coherence of space organization as a social phenomenon

  • Bahjat Rashad Shahin
  • Wadah Abdu lSaheb Al-Musouy
Keywords: Space regulation


The sequence of values and sociality labilies fill with meanings and sample, and its
reflects the nature ofreaotion between a man and nature, because man doesn't part his urbain
and Social nature from each other.
From that, we can considered the spatial organization as a social phenomena, because
it's more than collecting spatials, but it's represent a social fact, it's an Expression ofthe
Social behavior for persons and groups who live it.
So in Spatial organization we can see the bond between each person, and we can
dinguses the Social relations, and we oan see the Social problem through it.
And although of the previous studies and researches as considered that Social fact, but
it's still very limited, and in fact we can considered that the urbain design for the Spatial
organization type for the urbain nature, can be considered as animaginery process lor what
kind ofreaction should be taken place between man and nature.


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Shahin, B. R. and Al-Musouy, W. A. lSaheb (1) “Building the measure of the coherence of space organization as a social phenomenon”, Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2(2). doi: 10.36041/iqjap.v2i2.403.
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