The prototypcs ofthe concepts ofGame phenomenon in contcmporary architecture

  • Akram Jassim Al-Akkam
  • Dalia Ghassan Fattah
Keywords: contemporary architecture


There have been many points of view set to explain games. Some of which include the old theories whose foundation was created on a philosophical meditative base and have been achieved through the physiological theories (as the surplus energy theory and the relaxation theory), the biological theories (as the recapitulation theory and the pre-exercise theory), and the abreaction theory. These theories have paved the way for the current psychological theories that are meant to explain games on scientific studies and empirical is possible to summarize these theories by the

theory of Gestalt, the theory of Piaget,


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Al-Akkam, A. J. and Fattah, D. G. (1) “The prototypcs ofthe concepts ofGame phenomenon in contcmporary architecture”, Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2(3). doi: 10.36041/iqjap.v2i3.396.
General Architecture: Theory, Design, Methods

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