Architecture in Enrichment

An Explorative Study ofthe Formal Enrichment Achieved by Contrast

  • Asma Hasan al‐ Dabbagh
Keywords: Enrichment


Architectural literatures and practices presented the concept of Enrichment as
one of the solutions for the problems of Modemism. The importance of this concept
emerges due to its relation with other phenomena like visual complexity and ambiguity.
Enrichment is a product character and a strategy to its creation. This product
possess abundance and detail in the visual tools causing the meaning enrichment and its
readiness for multi interpretations.
This concept is present in to two levels; the first, formal and includes
complexity and riddles, while the second is moral which includes the multiinterpretations.
These sub-concepts cover many tools to achieve it like redundance,
contrast, formal transformations, slight contrast within a strong order and an ambiguous


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al‐ Dabbagh, A. H. (2009) “Architecture in Enrichment”, Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2(3). doi: 10.36041/iqjap.v2i3.395.
General Architecture: Theory, Design, Methods