Time Semantics As an expression in architecture

  • Khalil ibrahim Ali
  • Hadeer jassim al-saady
Keywords: Time Semantics


The concept of time had stood to confront philosophical studies in several
fields of kaowledge, including archilecture, demanding an understanding of this
Time remained invisible, and only felt by sense, intuition and abstraction;
unconnected to architecture as an expression of form.
This paper tries to relate time to architecture not as an evolutionary concept
in architectural change but as a factor which evolves with significance in expressive
It presents findings, which illustrates time as a signifier to architectural
vision and expression.


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Ali, K. ibrahim and al-saady, H. jassim (2009) “Time Semantics As an expression in architecture”, Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2(3). doi: 10.36041/iqjap.v2i3.393.
General Architecture: Theory, Design, Methods