Pointed Arch in Islamic Architecture Between Intentional innovation & spontaneous aim

  • Kabila Fares Al - Maliki
Keywords: Islamic Architecture


Arch is founded in Islamic Arabic Architecture in many different Buildings,
for aethetical and functional purposes that made this Arch one of its symbols, parallel
with it, so the study of this Arch is very important.
Many studies took care of this arch, pointed arch with four centers that it is
Islamic Arab innovation comparative with all other kinds of arches.
We don't know why this arch is specially innovated & used in Islamic Arab
Architecture? What its relationship with pointed Arch by two centers? What causes
behind this innovation?
This study aim to search in many concepts explain the innovation of this
pointed Arch (with four centers) analytically to discover the beginnings, causes for its
appearance, styles within the unity of Islamic spirit, so it studied Arch Philosophical,
its history expressionism, aesthetical values, to be contents of this research to discover
its hidden, answering many questions, inquiring about intention of this Arch or its
spontaneous ? Was it related to aesthetical values, philosophical, ideological, or
others? While pointed Arch with two centers more powerful structurally than pointed
Arch with four centers, but it was more important and more employment in Islamic
Arab Architecture.


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Al - Maliki, K. F. (2009) “Pointed Arch in Islamic Architecture Between Intentional innovation & spontaneous aim”, Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2(3). doi: 10.36041/iqjap.v2i3.392.
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