The Policy of Residential Plots Secretion And its results Dr. Jamal Baker Al-Sa'ady Case Study (Baghdad City)

  • Jamal Baqer Al-Sa'ady
  • Sana sata Abbas
  • Haidar Abd-Al-Razak Abd-Al-Razak
Keywords: Residential Plots Secretion


Housing considered as a basic need for humtn being. It's provision in Iraq
depends on all society sectors. This is required a proper means and methods, and one of
these means are the legislations and laws, The two mairs decisions, which were dealing
with the secretion of residential plots (The decision ltlo. 850 in 1979 and the decision
No. 940 in 1987), were one of the methods used ir solving the Housing Shortage
Problem in Baghdad. Also they were a reaction to the Prevailing policy which was dealt
with the providing of large residential plots,
The research aims to study this policy and its results in relation with the housing
demand, the horizontal extension and the housing densit'r.
The research reached to a theoretical Model shorved the existing condition of the
residential plots in each planning area, where the research had divided Baghdad city to
(7a) planning area.


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Al-Sa’ady, J. B., Abbas, S. sata and Abd-Al-Razak, H. A.-A.-R. (2009) “The Policy of Residential Plots Secretion And its results Dr. Jamal Baker Al-Sa’ady Case Study (Baghdad City)”, Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2(3). doi: 10.36041/iqjap.v2i3.391.
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