Pluralism in Architecture

  • wahda shuker Al-Hangaweh
Keywords: Pluralism


When studying the concepts that form architecture through analyzing its

results along the time, the tension of intellect between the spiritual and intellectual

aspects arises.The human civilizations through the history was always attempting to alien

between the spiritual and metaphysical research , and the pure scientific research

considering the first as studying the mysterious pheno nena , while science deals with

what is researchable subject to analysis which provides a concrete base for discussion

as it offers clear facts that could be experimented and tested , because science

demands from human beings to deal with the universe and the facts of life and death

rationally , whereas life proves everyday that not all the genuine are realistic , and the

interpretation stays the frame structure through whi2h we look at facts of life in the

process of searching for the variable in the invariable , and for all invariable in the

variables .The research includes an attempt to clarify the concept of monism and

pluralism in the human intellect and the concept of pluralism in the architectural

work. The research has reached to explain the concept of pluralism in architecture


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Al-Hangaweh, wahda shuker (2009) “Pluralism in Architecture”, Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2(3). doi: 10.36041/iqjap.v2i3.390.
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