Transformation In Urban Design

  • Sana Sati Abbas
  • Ahmed Tarq Tarq
Keywords: Transformation In Urban Design


This research deals with the transformation in urban design , as a concept , which has been
focused on by the Structuralism, and the Theorist and Designer of Late Post -Modern, for its
importance as a Strategy in the Design Process.
The concept had been studied in many Disciplines , such as Linguistics , Biology , and
The Linguistics indicated that each systematic knowledge is composed from basic structure
called the Deep Structure . This structure formed the basic rules of transformation, on which
the system is stand , this structure is called by ( Chomesky) the Generating rules .
Biology showed that the transformation which occurred on form , are external changes and
connected with the external form . While the substantial characteristics of the being are fixed
during the operation of development and growth.
In Architecture , the Literature submitted the types of transformation , which were the
transformation in the elements and the transformation in the relationships . Also they
submitted some transformation mechanisms , directly or indirectly . Also did the Ethics
The research aims to built a theoretical framework of tansformation, and determine the basic
mechanisms used in Architecture and Urban Design.
The research reached to five items determined the theoretical framework of the transformation
which were , the aim of transformation , the transformation formulas , the types of
transformation , the transformation mechanisms, and the behavior of the systems during tle
process of transformation.


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Abbas, S. S. and Tarq, A. T. (2009) “Transformation In Urban Design”, Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 5(1). doi: 10.36041/iqjap.v5i1.388.
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