The impact of technology in Indigenization strategy

the local contemporary architecture as a case study

  • Abass Ali Hamza
  • Suaad Khaleel Ibrahim
  • Arwa Mohammed Mubarak
Keywords: Technology indigenization, features of the text of indigenization, technology indigenization strategies, local architecture


The swift development of technology have a major act in architectural project making, which Features by changes and development in the intellectual and formal aspects. It showed the new formal Types of buildings with the zeitgeist of the technical aspects whether it is in the process of design or construction. Many of the architectural projects appeared that carry a formality contemporary values stemming from technology concepts within the context of local architecture, from here research come to study the impact of technology in the process of production the contemporary local architecture. Thus emerged the concept of technological indigenization which
mean (Approach for framing the mechanisms of the project intellectual and physical vocabulary
through available means, skills and mental ability, accommodate contemporary reality and emulate
the spirit of the original towards achieve communication between past, present and future). Research
problem is lake of knowledge about the relationship between the technology concepts and
indigenization strategy in general and types of creation the contemporary local architecture project
in specific. Research aim find a theoretical framework describing the nature of the relationship
between the technology concepts and indigenization strategy in the creation the contemporary local
architecture project. For that research methodology achieved built theoretical framework contents
six vocabulary (mechanisms of technological indigenization strategy, Features of indigenize
projects, contextual of technological indigenization, layers of technological indigenization, spatial of
indigenize projects and goals of technological indigenization). And the application of these items on
the two projects and then put research and reach final conclusions about how the technological
indigenization strategy achieve contemporary local architecture.
Technology indigenization, features of the text of indigenization, technology indigenization strategies, local architecture


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