Excitementand color scheme articulation in contemporary interior spaces

  • Akram jassim Al-Akkam
  • Harith Abdulhameed Hasan
  • Nada Ekream Al_ubayde
Keywords: interior spaces


The current research tries to explore the bases of establishing "The excitement

phenomena" through 'Olor scheme articulations. Basically, the phenomena is

influenced, presumably by structural and meaningful principles of articulations in

the interior spaces. To tackle the research problem, three proposed models for esthetical interior spaces were chosen a a research settings. Also, virtual color articulation patterns

were established, to select the most satisfactory, to achieve excitement Quasi-

experimental method was adopted, depending on, gestalt theory of perception,

analytical-descriptive st dy method, and a questioner as a method of testing.

Fifty types of color articulations for each of 3 models, divided into five stages

including specific color schemes. The independent variable covers four secondary

variables; elements of color articulations, for color articulation for space element,

mechanism of color articulation, color articulation mechanism space elements


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Al-Akkam, A. jassim, Hasan, H. A. and Al_ubayde, N. E. (2018) “Excitementand color scheme articulation in contemporary interior spaces”, Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 3(1). doi: 10.36041/iqjap.v3i1.283.
Interior Architecture

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