psychologycal abence when receiving

Study on perceiving attendance, absences and impurities

  • Harith Abd Hameed
  • Hala Abdulwahab saeed
Keywords: psychologycal abence


The architecture now a days aims to have poetical and rehtorical forms, that fulfills
through pluralism and richness of meanings, and that makes the receiver involve in creating
the work and sharing in the script production'
This research comes to ciarify how to perceive the absence in architecture and the
influence of pshycological aspects in perceiving the absence in architecture, and that starts
in perception'ttren the- first emosion and filling the gaps then brining back to memory the
absence and reaching the whole gestalt ofthe architectural work'
The research consisis-of-six'parts, in the first Part there will be theconcqpi.of
oerceDtion. the second part witt clarifi tfre presence and absence with concepts related like
iil;i##r;'iiti.i.n..f .ontinritv. it. thiro part concems in-perceiving the absence in
ilii;;#"U;;;iiyi,u't[.-li.y.r,or"iical aspects that infllence thC p-erception of
nresence and absence in "po"i uti ilt eture] the fourth part clarifies the role ofperceiver in
ffid;;r!"1!'*f,fiJtfi. fifth;"n specifies the conieptual framework and assumptions,
ih:;ii;?,il iil, tnJri-tt purt tf,.n comes the results, cbnclusions and recommendations'


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Hameed, H. A. and saeed, H. A. (2018) “psychologycal abence when receiving”, Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 3(1). doi: 10.36041/iqjap.v3i1.280.
General Architecture: Theory, Design, Methods