The Privacy And The Isolation In The Residential Environment

  • Wahda Shuker Al-Hinkawi
  • sahar Hmeed yousif
Keywords: The Residential Environment


The establishment operation of human Iimits and its relation with the surrounding
environment correlate with the cultural variable of the society, which reflects the distances
between the individuals in the different social infrastructures. The privacy concept represenrs one
of the social concepts that have cultural roots and expresses the adaptation of human and his
cultural values, also affects on one hand the individual's relation with his family, and on the other
hand his desire to activate or withdraw with other society individuals.


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Al-Hinkawi, W. S. and yousif, sahar H. (2018) “The Privacy And The Isolation In The Residential Environment”, Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 4(1). doi: 10.36041/iqjap.v4i1.276.
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