The ideal climatic shape of detazched houses in hot arid regions

  • Baha Isaa Yadco
Keywords: The ideal climatic shape


Climute imposes big impact on the life of human and his activities, among
them his residence which if designed and executed suitably to the climate without
additional artificial treatments, it will achieve the thermal comfort to the resident.
Hence the idiom ,, climatic efficient residence" rises which means harmonizing the
effective climatic factors (with using minimum amount of energy) leading to the "
ideal climatic shape,, which is characterized by the receiving of minimum amount 9f
thermal iaad in si[nmer and maximum amount of it in winter, this will effectively
reduce energy consutnption. The ideal climatic shape implies, as well as, the^
geometrical tharacteristlc, the physical characteristic through the thermal behavior of
its skin materials.
These two characteristics were tackled in details to specify the practical
dimensions and the received anergy by the ideat climatic shape ofthe house, this
shape (that cannot be taken excluding the surrounding context, the general limitations
and regulations), is leading to the concept of flexibility in the climatic and
environmental design.


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Yadco, B. I. (2018) “The ideal climatic shape of detazched houses in hot arid regions”, Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 4(1). doi: 10.36041/iqjap.v4i1.273.
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