The model in contemporary architecture

A study of communicative contrast - the conceptual of the concept

  • Khalil ibrahim Ali
  • Ahmed Hashim Al-eqab
Keywords: The model in contemporary architecture


Generally, various specialized architectural studies have lacked a clear and
comprebensive vision of .model,' concepts .These conceph rre essential since
they make a referentiat meaning to contemporary moyements in architecture
.Isn order to relate this concept to design, many other voclbutaries and contexts
have to be studied to a staln tbe affect on eech other.
.This paper deals with defining 3.model, in various lietds of knowledge it studies
its impact on architectural movementsl especially contemporary movements' .It
relates models to types, c&noBs, tradltion. Finalty it presents qualities ofmodel
concept as creatlve and referential tool. It conduccs wltb various findings, which
indicate models as a concept, as a mean in the evolution ofmodern movements in
a rchitectu re,


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Ali, K. ibrahim and Al-eqab, A. H. (2018) “The model in contemporary architecture”, Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 5(1). doi: 10.36041/iqjap.v5i1.267.
General Architecture: Theory, Design, Methods