Craftsmanship and Architecture

  • Areage Karim Al-Sadkhan
Keywords: Craftsmanship and Architecture


The lack of clear distinguishing between the basic characters of
architecture and the functions that it can play, which belongs to the craft,
oriented the research to find the zones in which the architecture and the
craft meet together. These zones are functions, emotions and skills. The
research investigates that architecture is an expression of emotions
towaids internal and external stimulations, but it can also do what the
craft does, by arising emotions for amusement and magic using skills of
technique which are specific to each work of art, differs from skill of craft
which is common to all man-made products.


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Al-Sadkhan, A. K. (2018) “Craftsmanship and Architecture”, Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 5(1). doi: 10.36041/iqjap.v5i1.265.
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