The Shape and The Environment

Building Behavior Against Climatic Environment from the light of action and Reaction Theory

  • Arqam Abdulhameed Ahmad
  • Miqdad Haidar ALJawadi
Keywords: الشكل والبيئة


This research is coming as a completion to the to the previous researcher p,otential on the field of
measuring thermal efficiency evaluation for building shapes, according to climatic thermal
environm€nt, in order to reach optimal thermal building shape
The principal ofoptimal Thermal Shape pointed up thot it is an attempt to have an equivalent forces
effect on building envelope, in order to minimize tlre needed energy to restore the shape and th
distinctive properties.
The ideal shape towered climatic eff€cts is a result ofthree stages - Action effect stage ... (The measure ofbuilding drermal load) - Adaptation stage ...The formulation ofthe relation between thermal load (The
action) and the building shape (The reaction). - Reaction stage .....(The formulation ofthe shape).
The research use as a base ofthis study the wo* of (Markus T.A.) and (Knowls R) and as a result, the
research reach a new concept to thermal optimal shape call it (THERMAL HEMISPHERE).


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Ahmad, A. A. and ALJawadi, M. H. (2018) “The Shape and The Environment”, Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 5(1). doi: 10.36041/iqjap.v5i1.264.
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