Transparency in Arab Architecture between Tradition and Contemporaneous

  • Anwar Subhi Ramdan Al-Qaraghuli
Keywords: Architectural Theory


The concept of transparency is one of the important concepts that aroused during

20th century which describes the characteristics of civilization products, especially the

product related to art and architecture. Many studies were made taking the concept of

transparency in concern, clarifying its related subjects that showed the importance of

physical and psychological issues to bring this concept to application.

But these studies were connected to the close architecture and its directions

forbidding this concept from taking enough shares of study and analysis, especially when

it concerns traditional and modern Arabic architecture. The issue of this paper came to point out the lack of enough knowledge of the nature of the physical and psychological understanding of the concept of transparency in traditional and modern Arabic architecture. Thus, the main goal of this research is to identify these issues taking several steps; the first step is to identify theoretical frame fortransparency in architecture in general depending on previous knowledge ( globally , and Arabic ) , then making the hypothesis and selection of group of building traditional and

modern for application to obtain the result and conclusion.

In the research we found that traditional and modern Arabic architecture depends

on physical and psychological basis to bring out the transparency concept, with a

variation that the two basis may focus on specific parts regardless others that may be

attributed to the nature of the internal heading that is obviously seen in traditional

architecture, whereas the modern architecture is mainly depend on opening outward

making use the opening mediate space.


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