Translation and Architecture

A study of translation act in the concept transport for the mental auction of text's meanings and it's reflects in architecture

  • Basim Hasan Hashim Al-Majidi
  • Ahmed Hashem AlEqaby
Keywords: Architecture, Translation


The Architectural theses nre focus on study of the parallel concept's for
architecture in it's direction physical types to benefit fromit in the architectural use
without go toward study of maintains the anatogical operational nature in the
concepts and benefited from it in architecture.
The research aim to study the concept (translation) through analysis and
understand the continuity nature for the concept in the axes of the mental transport
operation for icon's between mead and benelit from that in the formtation
.of the analogic model rvhich have operational dimension serve architecture fietd by
discovered the same sides in the research steps.
The research came in many axes:-The first submitted the general knowledge
frame for (translation) and it's location in the cultural exchange and knowledge
dialog zones.The second focus on clear the translation act in the mcaning tansport
by two steps. Then the third go to build the knowldge analogical model for
translation in architecture and the forth give the conclusion which declare the
invisible dimensions for transformation and deal with the creative side for
deformation in transfornration the meaning.


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Al-Majidi, B. H. H. and AlEqaby, A. H. (2018) “Translation and Architecture”, Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 6(1). doi: 10.36041/iqjap.v6i1.247.
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