Mechanism Of Contemporary Architectural Text

Analyzing View According To Symbol Concept

  • Zainab Hussein Ra'ouf
Keywords: Mechanism Of Contemporary


Meaning of speech language achieved by syrnbolic il's items, so the symbolism is one of
independent strategies u,hich survive on dialog thron, design process.
Although texts resulted from this.strategies conrbined in goals, mechanisnr and creation style
but they are characteristic to familiar and unfanriliar svnrbolic text. So the research problenr
represent in (there is no knos'ledge about horv texts are clraracteristic to farniliar and un
farniliar syrnbolic text and u,hat are vocabularies identify each tlpe). hi,pothesis ol research is
(architeclural syrr.rbolic texl characteristic to familiar and unfamiliar sj,mbolic text according
to vocabularies resulted fronr mechanism of architectural sl.mbolic text). so the goal of this
research is to explain the concept of fanriliar and unfamiliar slrrbolic text and t; nanre the
items rvhich explain the lramervork ofthe researcli. Finalil, (s1,nrbol location in text. nature of
language resulied from this location and ulrich prop.,ii.r'o,. u;;;;ri;J il;;;r.'i.-ol
represent the research resuh.


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