The Change of Genotype in Old Traditional Areas in Baghdad City

Analytical Study Using Geogr'aphic Information System

  • sana sati abbas
Keywords: Genotype in Old Traditional


Change is the fact of being difference, or something to be in a state that not being before. old traditional areas in Baghdad City have been encountered to many changes by the act of streets cut through, as a result of development process or comprehensive plans, which represents the research problem. The research hypothesis is, the genotype of old traditional areas is changed by the act of streets cut through. The aim of this paper is to explore the changes in this genotype with specific reference to old traditional Al- Kadhemiyah and old Karkh, according to four morphological stages passed across.

The research findings where the genotype of old kadhemiyah in the first morphological stage was global integrated core around the Shrine. The most integrated spaces connect the center to the outside forming a wheel liked pattern. The most segregated spaces form clusters, which are the interstices of the wheel. The shape has been changed to half wheel

liked pattern in the second morphological stage, and to a wheel pattern in the third morphological stage, after the streets cut through the area, and the demolition of the urban fabric around the Shrine. It was changed to a Spider form in the fourth morphological stage, with a globally integrated

core, and segregated residential areas, which interstices the gaps within the shapes. The fourth stage genotype was a new one and not found within the known genotypes.

The most integrated spaces have been changed during the four morphological stages. The

intelligibility of the spatial system has been changed from most ambiguous to more



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abbas, sana sati (2018) “The Change of Genotype in Old Traditional Areas in Baghdad City”, Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 7(1). doi: 10.36041/iqjap.v7i1.241.
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