Graphic Techniques for Deveroping creativity in Architecturar Design

  • Sahar Naieeb Karrura
  • Rasha SubbhY Maieed
  • Emad Abd Al-Hameed
Keywords: Graphic Techniques


The contemporary world is marked by the phenomenon of the rapid changes in all fields of human knowledge. The architecture of _future will still be the most confusing and puzzling issue and misgivings that a rouse worry and leading to the spirit of adventures to make progress and arrive at the ways of revival, creativity and modernism. The idea of prevailing of certain culture or certain product in architecture depends on the given and available techniques, due to the fact that the computer and their graphic techniques become very important and vital to reinforce the image in architectural design. Thus, it is very necessarily to link between these techniques and suitable way to reform the mentality by which the architecture will be reformed, from what has been said, (there has no utilization for the whole

dology in this thesis will be achieved by using Photoshop


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Karrura, S. N., Maieed, R. S. and Al-Hameed, E. A. (2018) “Graphic Techniques for Deveroping creativity in Architecturar Design”, Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 8(1). doi: 10.36041/iqjap.v8i1.225.
General Architecture: Theory, Design, Methods