Intelligent Tropical Buildings

A Study of the Eco-Technological Integration Effects on Reducing the Economical

  • Ibrahim Jawad Kadhim
  • Rudhab Ahmed Mahmood
Keywords: Intelligent Tropical Buildings


In the last few years, a number of studies highlighted the two concepts of ('Technology" and "Ecology", which may seem at a glance as being in contradiction. The "Technological" approach represented by the

"intelligent buildings" is investing the new scientific and technological advances to achieve adaptation with the ever changing man needs, provide comfortable internal environment, and responding to external environment effects but without taking into consideration the context and the environmental content surrounding these buildings. This has led to ignorance of the project site nature and the surrounding environment, This has formed the general boundaries Qf_mv study. Because of the growing use of modern

technological facilities to control the environment, the "Ecological" approach is being overlooked or ignored. It calls for the nature's own capabilities and to decrease the dependence on technology as much as possible, this has led to compromising the standards of modern comfort. In fact this approach aims at more than controlling the atmosphere and providing comfort, it's a comprehensive approach that aims at

integrating the building with the surrounding ecological system, rather than being isolated from, or parasiting on the surrounding ecological systems. Therefore and in order to get benefit of the opportunities provided by both approaches and avoided their drawbacks, a third approach has been investigated in my study, namely "the integrational approach" and is represented by the "lntelligent Tropical buildings" which are defined as: those buildings that gather between intelligent buildings (with its included technology) and ecological buildings (with its integration and attempledpreservation Qfthe environment) with integrational relationships in order to achieve the ecologic-cultural integration through integration between ecological and technolo ical s stems o the buildin So, basic elements of these buildings were set as: technology, ecology, and integration.


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Kadhim, I. J. and Mahmood, R. A. (2018) “Intelligent Tropical Buildings”, Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 8(1). doi: 10.36041/iqjap.v8i1.223.
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