Daylight Design Graphs for Baghdad City Sky

  • Younis Mahmoud Saleem
Keywords: Daylight Design Graphs


Baghdad city constitutes one of the areas have clear sky with complex and ununiform
distribution of light in the sky dome. This was one of the explanations why there is few
studies concern with daylighting design in clear skies, from there, this research oriented to
devise a new method that can assist in achieving the appropriate levels of lighting for
interior spaces. The aim of this research is tempted to find a method that can help designers
in achieving the appropriate levels of daylight in architectural spaces with different forms
and sizes.
The annual distribution rate of daylight was calculated for the horizontal surfaces of
different orientations and unobstructed horizontal surface Furthermore account the Intensity
of sky light and sun light on vertical surfaces of building facades opposite to the windows.
Been reached a number of Graphs as protractor used with architectural drawings
(horizontal plans and vertical sections), and by adopting of such Graphs, designers can
measure the levels of daylight in any points within the space.
Applied this method on a number of design characteristics of shape and direct the
window and measure its influence in enlightened points within the space as their distance
changes away from window. The research found a number of conclusions linked between the
predictability of the distribution of daylighting


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