The Role of Technology in Urban Fragmentation

Analytical Study for the Role of Information and Communication Technologies in Urban Fragmentation

  • Wahda Shuker Al-Hinkawi
  • Vian Abdul Baseer Mohammed
Keywords: Urban Design, The Role of Technology


The research deals with one of the most important issues that faces cities during their growth, the
“Urban Fragmentation”, which occurs to the city and its parts during its various stages of growth
due to many different reasons , technology is one of the most important of those reasons.
The research has defined the urban fragmentation as: The state of dismantling, losing
coherence, and heterogeneity in urban form and structure, that is linked to the process of
city growth, the state of urban fragmentation occurs on different levels such as the formal,
spatial, functional and social levels, due to technological developments and functional and
economical needs, in addition to the changes in the cultural values and political
The research problem was determined as: the lack of sufficient knowledge about the role of
the information and communication technologies in the fragmentation of cities. The
research goal identified as : exploring the phenomenon of urban fragmentation and the most
important indicators at the level of form and structure, and define the role of information
and communication technology in the fragmentation and re-shaping and structuring the


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