The Effect of Urban Street Planting on Improving the Climate of Baghdad city

  • Miqdad Haidar Al-Jawadi
  • Ali Hussain Al-Bayati
Keywords: planting trees, thermal comfort, energy consumption, shade and transpiration


The aim of this research is to study the effect of tree planting on the reduction of thermal load
of solar radiation falling on the area of Baghdad city and its contribution to weather
treatments; since the temperature of green mass of trees is less than the human body and
higher than air temperature in winter, so one expects condense tree plantation and foliage may
participate in reducing air temperature in summer and could make the climate of the city to
approach near the human temperature comfort limits .The impetus to encourage the authors to
undertake the research is the positive results and indications derived from earlier authors'
research work and that done by other researchers. Recent advances of modern scientific and
technological in the field of electronic instrumentation measurements and sophisticated
thermal imaging devices, which are expected to help in measurement and obtain temperature
pattern of every point on the trees or at any point on block trees, besides measuring the
thermal effect of shading on human body of people using the road (the camera has an
accuracy of (0.1 oC).


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