Protractors for Predicting Natural Lighting Levels in Architectural Spaces For Clear Sky in Iraq

  • Miqdad Haidar Al-Jawadi
Keywords: Natural Lighting Levels


This paper deals with providing architects with protractors for clear sky natural

lighting in order to help them in predicting light levels in architectural spaces which

occur from any size of right angle windows. The protractors, which had been designed by professor Hopkinson before 1964, available to architects at present are two protractors one for over-cast sky and another for virtual uniform sky- not quite true in reality-, as the calculation for clear skies had not been yet approved.

In 1965, Dr. Richard Kittler architect from The Slovak Academy of Science presented his explanation and his formula at CIE conference in New Castle UK.,

which was approved in 1973 by the International Commission on Illumination CIE.

Although the approved formula takes its way to computer programs, but the

available protractors are still as before. Therefore, attempts are made to design a

useful and simple type of protractor for clear sky depending on CIE Kittler's formula

following a validation and confirmation experiment performed utlizing Baghdad sky

It is anticipated that this new type of protractor would help architects and

designers in realizing better prediction of natural lighting levels caused by sky

components in clear sky conditions


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Al-Jawadi, M. H. (2018) “Protractors for Predicting Natural Lighting Levels in Architectural Spaces For Clear Sky in Iraq”, Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 4(1). doi: 10.36041/iqjap.v4i1.272.
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