Dialogue and communication

Theoretical attitude in architectural theses

  • Khalil Ali Ibrahim
  • Basim Hasan Hashim Al-Majidi
Keywords: architecture, Dialogue and communication


Architecture after the modem period had depended heavily on expression as a
fundamental relationship between the receiver and the designer. The term
"expression" has many meaning. Among this meaning dialogue has a major
significance. This paper deals with dialogue as a dialectic in them a between postmodem
architecture and what follows it on in international and local levels, as a
distinctive way of expression which differs greatly from arrangement. The research
then tries to determine methods and significance, which are manifested to create
expression through a review and evaluation of the various variables affecting
Current relevant intnitune is reviewed in term of communicative potential in
order to arrive at a clear relationship between communication and dialogue. Various
findings are presented finally.


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Ibrahim, K. A. and Al-Majidi, B. H. H. (2018) “Dialogue and communication”, Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 5(1). doi: 10.36041/iqjap.v5i1.262.
General Architecture: Theory, Design, Methods